Hi you! Good to see you here and nice to meet you! I’m Charly van den Braak, a Dutch landscape photographer based in the middle of the small, flat country the Netherlands. Photography has always been one of my interests. First in the fashion industry, then in geography and right now I am most drawn to capturing the beauty of the world.



At young age I fought against bone cancer. That was my first lesson about life. Life is not obvious. The smallest things in the world became the most beautiful things. A little lamb jumping in a field of green flowing grass, the first small flowers that start blooming at the start of spring, a rainbow created by sunbeams glistening through a thousand raindrops. The world is beautiful! Just a few years later cancer knocked on my door again and a new battle started. I knew that life was going to be so much better after this crazy adventure. A moment of realising that I needed to appreciate the little things even more.



A perfect day for me starts early in the morning, when the rest of the world is still tucked away in their beds sleeping. Take a beautiful landscape, mix in a nice pink sunrise, and the sound of birds waking up, dust it with some fog and voila! I’m in my element. My goal is to turn these moments into memories, pictures that will last a lifetime. All of my travel plans are focused on photography. With a good mindset and my camera safely tucked in its bag I will explore the world and hope to never stop seeing beauty even in the most unexpected of places. I also hope to never stop learning, from my successes and my failures, from the people I meet and the challenges that life throws at me, but also learning from you and your stories. I am looking forward to hearing about your adventures and the stories you have to share and also sharing my moments with you! Here’s to life and all the magical moments it brings.

Happy capturing ♡